Sean Dennis


Let's Talk About Your Next Masterpiece

Developmental editing (as I see it) includes coaching to a degree, but only in regard to the specific process that helps you define your audience(s), create your outline, and evaluates your manuscript on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

But maybe you need a friendly sounding board (or sanity check) for ideas, motivation and reassurance (without pandering) or general guidance? 

That's what I can provide as your writing coach, whether you are a first-time author trying to get across the finish line alive and sane or an old pro with a touch of writer's block. 

Please note that I am not a "life coach." Instead, I've completed the following workshops and training—all directly related to helping you brainstorm, find solutions, reach agreement (including with yourself), and teach others.

And on the tech/web side of things:


Coaching Session Rates

30 Minutes - $55

1 Hour - $100

Let's get started!