Working as your developmental editor and author coach, I will help you to write more efficiently, maintain focus, and create a better final product. Together, we’ll get your stories, analyses, ideas, and lessons learned ready for publication!

Subject Areas

  • Musicology (especially jazz)
  • Pan-African studies (all)
  • Indigenous studies
  • Natural history (especially birds and birding)
  • Holistic health (herbalism, Eastern modalities, vegetarian/vegan diet)
  • Computer science (but the tech and outcomes have to be really compelling)

I am also available for coaching sessions, no matter if you are a first-time author trying to get across the finish line alive and sane, or an old pro with a touch of writer’s block.

Career Experience

Currently, I work as a technical editor for Schatz Strategy Group and a volunteer proofreader for the Journal of Caribbean Ornithology, and I selectively take on projects as a freelancer. My prior roles include:

I’ve also completed the following workshops and training—all directly related to helping you brainstorm ideas, explore solutions, reach agreement (including with yourself), and teach others:


Sean was a great help as I completed my manuscript for I Got Future. In the early stages of the process, he challenged me to keep focused on the purpose of the outlined story and hone my book. He is an excellent communicator, and although we live 12 time zones apart (I live in Malaysia), we managed to review the manuscript in a very effective way. Whenever I write another book, I certainly will ask Sean to help me again with the structural editing.

Editors who know the rules and follow them strictly are easy to find. Editors who know the rules and how to make them work with the creativity of the writer are a much rarer breed. Sean Dennis is just such an editor. His insightful understanding of the work allows him to take it beyond the technical corrections and adjustments one often finds. He draws the best out of each piece and simply makes it better. I truly appreciate his gentle style and light touch as well as his directness when called for.

Sean Dennis is an insightful, experienced, and very capable writing partner, providing excellent guidance for both structural and substantive editing. Plus, he is a pleasure to work with. I can recommend him for any project that you may want to elevate from good to great.

My experience working with Sean as an editor was seamless. At all times, he was very professional and prompt.  However, what stands out most of all was that he offered a very educational and informative perspective, as all of his suggestions came with explanation. Working with him was easy due to his open-mindedness.  I would recommend writers to work with Sean no matter what the content area, because this kind of editor is difficult to find.

I’ve written two books. The first was without Sean’s editorial help and wasn’t great (check the reviews). The second was with his help and turned out much better on all fronts. I’d believe these facts weren’t related if I didn’t enjoy working with Sean, appreciate his great feedback, or appreciate his wisdom for an inexperienced technical writer like me. Hope to work with him again in the future!

Rick UmaliQA engineer

Sean was my excellent development editor for Manning Publication’s Learn Git in a Month of Lunches. He was inserted into the book’s development mid-stream, taking over from a transitioning editor. He handled this turnover with ease, getting up to speed quickly and diligently. Sean provided steady, constructive feedback as he oversaw a revamp of my table of contents and the delivery of several chapters. His guidance made the book clearer. He was terrific at managing not just my expectations but also the publisher’s, and I was grateful for his work on the book. I highly recommend him as an editor!

Sean is a dependable and enthusiastic editor who also has a wide-ranging knowledge of jazz and a great passion for sharing that knowledge.

Sean was excellent in all aspects! He conducted an editorial assessment of my manuscript. He’s prompt, communicates effectively, and shared excellent and insightful comments (his critiques were gently delivered!). I highly recommend Sean and plan to work with him again.

Sean helped me develop and edit a sociological manuscript that I had been working on for a couple of years. If you are in need of editing, developmental editing, or structuring a proposal, I highly recommend him.

Sean is a great editor to work with. He was my development editor for a philosophically-oriented article I wrote in 2022. I enjoyed working with Sean because he asked great questions from the reader’s perspective that highlighted the best ways to clarify and improve my writing. Sean is great at thinking on a large scale across a piece of writing, and seeing how the different pieces connect. Last but not least, I also appreciate that he was receptive to my own style of working, including the use of a non-standard writing platform. I highly recommend working with him as an editor!

Cherryl Garner, PhDpracticing psychologist

If you’re hoping to work with an editor who excels at every level of the process—beginning with insightful, thought-provoking mentoring and ending with the final stages of manuscript development, Sean Dennis is the artist you’re looking for. I was stuck—treasured messages of the human psyche and spirit were buried inside of me. And after one powerful, yet simple and basic question from Sean about the provenance of ethnicity, I transformed my title and the story assumed its unique glow. Sean is a professional, a gentleman, a humanist—the kind who believes in liberty and justice for all. He prioritizes his assignments, making room for stories that address the underprivileged—the disenfranchised.

Sean is a highly efficient, thoughtful editor who elevates the quality of any content he works on. I recently worked with him on a number of projects for Data and Fintech online courses. Not only was the content technical and complex, but the projects were on tight timelines and included many assets that needed rigorous cross-checking. Sean jumped right in, asked all the right questions, and gave the content the edit it needed, shifting between deep rewriting and sharp copyedits. Not only is Sean a multifaceted editor and writer, he also has great instructional design instincts, always keeping the needs of the learner at the forefront of his editing. Sean is someone you want on your team not just for his expertise but for the flexibility, empathy, and thoughtfulness that he brings to any project. I strongly recommend Sean to any person or organization who wants to take their content—whatever it may be—to the next level.

While working for Propertius Press, Sean edited my manuscript for Kasia's Story, an historical novel set in Reformation Poland, soon to be released. Sean was pleasant to work with. His comments were insightful and his line edits significantly improved the readability of the book.


Email sean (at) seandennis (dot) com.