A Farewell Soon to My Record Collection

Saying goodbye is not as hard as I thought.

Album cover of Miles Davis - 'Round About Midnight (CL 949)
Miles in Deep Groove Mono—Always Good

Note: Andreas Sandberg of Djungel & Jazz purchased the entire collection in 2021. If you are ever in Stockholm, Sweden, you can visit some of my old jazzy friends there.

I am selling my entire collection (~1800 albums) of vinyl records, the majority of which are jazz, and I hope you found this post because you want to buy a big batch of groovy jazz LPs. This accumulation developed over a period of several years and was fueled by a desire to create interesting playlists for two internet radio shows I hosted on Asheville Free Media (ashevillefm.org). The collection includes original pressings from the ’50s and ’60s, some rarities and unusual records, and a few autographed copies here and there.

I focused my radio shows on lesser-known artists and labels. That said, I love many of the usual suspects that people think of when they hear someone say “jazz”—Miles, Monk, Mingus, Cannonball, Brubeck, etc.—and I have albums by these and other greats.

As I bought records to play and not just fawn over (lots of scrounging at flea markets, thrift stores, antique stores, and buying boxes of records), I made sure everything was in good playing condition—or would be after a cleaning; so all records are VG or better, even if the covers are ratty. I never attempted to clean covers or remove price stickers.

In preparation for selling and to remember what I have when it comes time to find these in digital format, I took quick snaps of all the covers. Take a look and contact me at sean (at) seandennis (dot) com if you would like to make a *fair* offer for all. I am not selling these individually. I cannot ship; you’ll need to pick them up. I’ll throw in my Kuzma VinVac record cleaning machine and my all-wood, homebuilt record cube shelves if you want them.

It isn’t easy to say goodbye to these, but I’m okay with letting them go. Although—in an odd mystical/pseudoscientific way—I do believe that analog start-to-finish recordings create a direct vibrational connection with the artist (and not just pops and clicks and hiss), I have become more grateful for simply being able to hear and listen to music at all and am not hung up so much on the format (but it does still need to be high fidelity).

Again, here is the Google photo album of the covers: https://photos.app.goo.gl/JnvXfAiutGtf8dEd9

Oh yeah… I also would gladly trade this jazz record collection for a private flight to Costa Rica for two adults and six domestic cats—seriously.